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I Never Saw the Milky Way 11.02.2007
Another School Year Begins... 09.05.2007
Tshurpu 07.08.2007
Chak tsel 06.14.2007
Hanging Out 06.11.2007
Bar Fights in Lhasa 06.03.2007
Day to Day 05.29.2007
Losar La Tashi Deleg!!! 02.24.2007
Teaching, Rituals and Hidden Places 02.17.2007
Being Polite is a Matter of Perspective 02.01.2007
Braving the Tempest, part II 01.24.2007
Braving the Tempest 01.23.2007
"Tibetans are like gold" 01.15.2007
Money Can't Buy Happiness... 01.11.2007
Thukpa and Chubas 01.07.2007
A New Year and Random Thoughts 01.01.2007
Christmas on the Roof of the World 12.27.2006
An Old American Tradition 12.20.2006
The Potala 12.19.2006
Dancing here is an experience... 11.19.2006
Yogis, Dakinis, and Yaks! Oh, my! Part II 11.13.2006
Yogis, Dakinis, and Yaks! Oh, my! 11.10.2006
Ancient Building and Ravens 10.23.2006
Golden Week = Catch up time 10.03.2006
I Finally Made It! 09.25.2006
To Beijing and Beyond! 09.20.2006
Finally! 09.14.2006
Will the obstacles never end? 09.13.2006
DHL let me down! 09.13.2006
Hmm...I am still waiting... 09.07.2006
Official word is out! 08.20.2006
Well, I thought the wait was almost over... 08.16.2006
The Wait is Almost Over 08.09.2006
Still Waiting 07.22.2006
Waiting to know 06.26.2006