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Another School Year Begins...

Well, this site has been firewalled for a while, and unfortunately, doesn't load so well through a proxy server. Since I am writing now, it is obviously out from behind the firewall. Every day provides new firewall adventures, here.

This summer has been pretty busy. Some friends of mine came to Tibet for part of the summer, for various reasons. One was doing research, and two others were here on their honeymoon (congratulations, again!) I spent the month of July hanging out with my wonderful friends. It was the next best thing to going home for vacation.

The school year has started again. Right now, there are three old student, me, Doris, and Joe. Two new students have already arrived, a woman from Brazil and a young man from Switzerland. The rest of the students won't be arriving for another week or so. As a result, we are having classes that are about whatever topics we want. This week, we had one lesson about playing traditional Tibetan dice games (to be continued next week), one about modern literature (also to be continued), and a lesson in astrology. Next week, we are going to continue those three topics and have a class of Tibetan cursive.

I'm excited about the new students coming. There are supposed to be 24 altogether. I'm sure there will be some fun ones in the group. Nearly everyone was gone all summer. Most students left either right before the semester ended or soon after. Doris went to Switzerland, Joe was in the States, and then Achana went traveling. It was quiet in the dorm--still is.

I've been spending a lot of time out. I've met a lot of new people lately, Tibetans, admittedly mostly guys and mostly in drinking establishments. There is one really nice, cozy place Doris and I have been going to. It is basically frequented only by Tibetans and usually by the same ones. It is good practice, both for language and singing. The guys there like to play guitar and sing a lot. I don't know many Tibetan songs, and due to a lack of lyric availablity, can sing even fewer, but it is nice, just the same. A couple of nights ago, I was there, and one guy came over and asked if I remembered him. I said no, and he was disappointed. Apparently, we danced together on New Year's Eve at Tang Club. I apologized, but seriously, when you meet a big group of people and dance with them, eight or nine months ago, it is tough to remember one person. Of course he remembered me, because there aren't many foreigners in town. I promised not to forget him, again.

On kind of a sad note, my computer has crashed. I am waiting on my XP setup disks to see if I can save my computer. I'm not so sure that I can, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. It's been three weeks already since it went down. Right now, I am borrowing a friend's computer.

On a happier note, I am working with a friend to set up a business or project putting Tibetan music on the internet, probably for download. I'm not sure when things will be completed for this, but it is in process. Stay tuned for more information on that.

It's been really cold here lately. I know it is September, but it's jacket weather already, and I'm thinking about breaking out my space heater. Lots of rain here as well, nearly every day we have some rain or drizzle.

I heard that there are racquetball courts in Lhasa. I'm going to make a little field trip with the new students to the cheese factory and the hotel that supposedly has the courts is on the way. If there are, I'm going to be ecstatic and I will even have someone to play with. Doris' Swiss-Tibetan friend plays squash, which is similar, so he said anytime I want to play, give him a call.

I guess that's about it for the moment. I'll work on staying up to date, now that the page doesn't seem to be firewalled anymore.

Posted by michab3 20:09

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