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Official word is out!

Ok, so after a long and tense couple of weeks, the official e-mail of acceptance to TU has been received. Unfortunately, it did not come at the beginning of August and visa paperwork still has to be done and approved. <sigh> So, to do that, I have to enlist the services of a visa agent to go to the consulate and make the application in person, another expense that I cannot really afford. Oh well, it has to be done. Hopefully, that paperwork will arrive this week and I can get that out asap. Then, I will be able to purchase a plane ticket and finally have that expense out of the way.

Hopefully I'll be writing another happy entry soon.

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Well, I thought the wait was almost over...

Ok, so a week ago, they told me that they had sent in my visa paperwork and would be sending me the other paperwork, whatever that is, as soon as possible. Could they possibly wait any longer? This is driving me insane! I wonder if there are others having the same trouble, or if it is just me. This wouldn't be the first time that things ended up being last mninute. Grrr!!! The cost of the plane ticket goes up each passing day. This is ridiculous. I don't even know what I will have to do once they send me "paperwork". For all I know, they are really only procurring my travel permit to Tibet since they don't have my passport in which to put a visa. Then, I'll have to expedite the visa on my own, spending extra for overnight shipping, etc. And there is really nothing I can do about it, except sit here and wish things were different.

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The Wait is Almost Over

Well, I heard more from TU. They say that my visa paperwork is in process! I can hardly wait to hear back and get the paperwork that I need in order to go. With any luck, I should have everything together shortly.

In other news, I graduated with my MA on Saturday. Horay!! My mother and I did some massive shopping to get ready for me to go to Tibet. The only things I have left to buy are thermal underwear, hiking boots and a digital camcorder.

Hopefully my next entry will be sooner--with wonderful news!

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Still Waiting

All right, so I e-mailed Tibet University. They took a week to finally respond and then the answer to my question of application status was: we're giving our final answers in the beginning of August. We'll e-mail you when we have a permit for you.

It's tough to know if they mean I will get a permit, the individual with whom I correspond doesn't have perfect english. At least I didn't receive an outright "you aren't in the program. Stop bothering us," which is essentially what I received a year ago.

My hopes are still up, though not as high as I would like them to be. They leave very little time for planning and travel arrangements. They also don't have a specific day on which the semester consistently starts. It's sometime the beginning of September. Ah well, I'll just wait two more weeks and hope for the best.

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Waiting to know

This marks the final week of waiting, I hope. I applied to Tibet University, but haven't heard from them yet. The application deadline was May 30, so I figure a month is a reasonable time to wait. I'm sending them an e-mail and will hopefully hear back in the positive.

If I hear back in the negative, I will be contacting a group called Khamaid about a teaching position in Yunnan province. They organize, among other things, English teachers for small Tibetan villages.

This weekend, I should have an answer one way or the other.

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